15 July 2014

 At the request of the participants, the deadline for applications was extended until
July 31st.

3 July 2014

We are very glad to announce that we add to the prizes list, the following paid recitals:

  • Special Prize of the Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, prof. Bronisław Marciniak: Grand Recital in the Concert Hall of the University
  • Special Prize of the Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences, prof. Grzegorz Skrzypczak: Recital in the Runge's Collegium Hall, Poznań
  • Recital founded by the Director of the W. Lutosławski Chamber Philharmonic in Łomża
  • Recital in the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Olsztyn
  • Chopin Recital in Żelazowa Wola
  • Recital on the International Festival of Polish Pianism in Słupsk
  • Recital in the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Koszalin
  • Recital during the International Chopin Festival in Antonin
  • Recital on the International Music Festival in Jelenia Góra Valley

27 October 2013

3rd International Piano Competition
Halina Czerny-Stefańska in memoriam
Poznań, 13-21 September 2014
Application deadline: 15 July 2014

(All compositions must be performed by heart)
(No preselection round)

(The entire performance should not exceed 25 minutes)
1. J.S. Bach: one Prelude and fugue from Das Wohltemperierte Klavier
2. F. Chopin: one of the following etudes:
Op. 10 No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12
Op. 25 No. 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12
3. One virtuoso etude by one of the following composers:
F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov,
A. Scriabin, C. Debussy,
W. Lutosławski, I. Stravinsky,
G. Ligeti, B. Bartok
4. One piece of the competitor's choice (max. 10 min.)
The Etudes should be played in sequence.

SECOND STAGE – Semifinal:
(The entire performance should last between 30-40 minutes)
1. One important work of the competitor's choice (classicistic or romantic)
2. One or more compositions, different in terms of style and epoch from the one mentioned in Point 1

(The entire performance should last between 40-50 minutes)
The free choice recital including one of the Nocturnes by F. Chopin:
Op. 9 No. 3, Op. 15 No. 2
Op. 27 No. 1, Op. 27 No. 2
Op. 32 No. 2, Op. 37 No. 2
Op. 48 No. 1, Op. 48 No. 2
Op. 55 No. 2, Op. 62 No. 1
Op. 62 No. 2